Industrial CNC Torchmate X Plasma cutting system.

• The plasma cutter directs a stream of high velocity high temperature ionized gas (plasma) into the material surface, melting the cutting area and blowing the molten metal away from the cut.

• Using precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC), the Torchmate X system guides a Powerful 85 amp Hypertherm plasma cutter above a 10’ x 5’ water tank/table.

• All of our custom fabrication is done in-house. With its CAD/CAM design software, we are able to customize and generate high quality products in a short amount of time. Not only can we custom fabricate new parts, with our plasma and oxy-fuel torches, we can replicate an existing part for your current project!

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Advantages of Plasma Cutting:


Plasma cutting is often the most economical way to cut 2D shapes from a variety of ferrous/nonferrous metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. This process is especially cost-effective for thick metal parts requiring only medium precision.


Plasma cutting speed is typically much faster than waterjet or laser cutting speed. The increase in speed makes projects much more efficient.


Accuracy is key to getting the perfect look or fit. A specialized torch designed to be held and moved by a computer controlled gantry system, which assures accuracy in complex cutting operations.


There are hundreds of kinds of things that a Torchmate X can engrave. Wonderful for part marking or unique creative project. Engraving will give your next project the attention to detail it needs.


Possible applications:

Aerospace parts, Aircraft components, Architectural components, Art work, Artistic Designs, Auto Parts, Awards, Bits, Brackets, Business name signs, Coasters, Chassis, Equestrian equipment, Fabrication parts, Family Name signs, Fireplace doors, Fixtures, Furniture parts, Gears, Grate – decorative, Heavy machinery parts, Home components, Knives, Letters – sign, Levers, Machine shop fabrication parts, Material handling equipment, Medallions, Metal Art, Metal sculptures – Components, Military / government parts, Motorcycle/Motor-sport parts, Panels, Picture frames, Prototype, Railings, Research and design parts, Robotic Parts, Screening – decorative, Sheet Metal projects, Shims, Signs / signage, Spurs, Structural components, Tools, Truck and Automotive parts and accessories, Washers, etc.

    Industries Served:

    Art, Automotive, Construction, Electronics, fabrication shops, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Machining, Manufacturing, Medical, Military, Mining, Music Equipment, Security, Semiconductor, Signage, Trucking, etc.

    Materials that can be cut with plasma Include:

    All types of Metal, ferrous/nonferrous, Mild Steel, Stainless steel, Sterling silver, Spring steel, Titanium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Aluminum, Cast iron, Iron plate, Tool steel, etc.


    • Edges can be rough, especially for thicker material and more so with aluminum than steel. Some secondary clean up may be required. The cleanest cuts are achieved when cutting mild steel.


    • Plasma cutting is used for cutting metal parts only.


    • The cut edge will have an oxide layer.


    • Plasma cutting creates a considerable amount of heat that can cause thermal distortion of parts. Some warping/degradation can occur, especially when cutting intricate parts.


    • Thin structures and shapes where a high proportion of material is removed may present difficulty in meeting dimensional and flatness tolerances.


    • The angle of the edge can deviate from 90 degrees typically by 10 to 20 deg.


    Torchmate X Table Specifications:
    Work envelope: (10ft x 5ft)

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